Okay so I was planning on confession in my front seat as soon as I pulled in the driveway – but as usual was distracted by the lulls and requests of the boys. CN1 (my child number 1) YES you may go to the neighbor’s house ——after a huge long argument that today is September 30 and not October 1 and he was in tears trying to let me know he was right…I insisted that case be closed and no further discussion on the subject. “Yay” I can breathe. He went to play and CN2 (my child number 2) and I ate sausage inside the house. Within a few more SHORT minutes I was greeted by 3 boys instead of 1 – fun! Super mario galaxy game challenge – sweet blessings are having fun though and CN2 of mine is such a little shadow!

Okay really – confession – was supposed to be about facebook. If any of you eager people are wanting to know – the majority of my status updates revolve around something kid, kitchen, or craft related (mostly) it’s because my single mom kind of life pretty much revolves around them right now. If I bore you – I’m not sorry *wink* my kids and home are my ministry right now until something else comes into the picture. I’ve met a great guy – responsible, a leader, Godly, but human like the rest of us (did I just say that?? Yes I did!). So he makes mistakes too just like you who are reading this and me writing. We’ve met up several times and talk multiple times per day – but are in no rush for “anything” to happen right now. We are grounded enough to not pound the doors down every day needing to see each other – of course it would be nice but logistically not happening! We have a good 3 hours between us – in a lot of ways I do like it because its giving us a lot of time to have many conversations. When the time is right and if it’s God’s will HE will work things out to where we can be closer. Until then we are enjoying things as they are. He is such a blessing – whether or not it ever goes any further – God knows but he’s an awesome friend!

Oh another confession since I’m on the facebook topic – I like everything on my profile private as possible as it keeps the creepers at bay. I had several unsolicited relationship offers from complete strangers — no thanks dudes! As far as my own personal life – I don’t post my relationship status for the same reason – if I change it to single people are bound to find me! Those who know me, few close friends and close family, know about my relationships, the few quacks I’ve encountered, and the current relationship. Anything you feel the need or want to know feel free to ask me – because I won’t be posting it on Facebook for some time – if ever! I don’t mind sharing about it at all – if I don’t its usually because I’m busy with the kids or work.

Peace and blessings,

Did I mention these boys are having a blast?? I’m enjoying listening to their laughs and fun sounds!