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Window Doodles


We often hear the phrases “stop and smell the roses”, “dance in the rain”, and “dance as though no one were watching”. I agree, and have many others I like as well. My oldest little guy likes to draw on the windows before we load everyone in the car in the morning.

More often than not it seems I’m asking him to hurry and finish his “work” so we can leave! In his world, he is “stopping to smell the roses”. A brief little pause to pursue something utterly whimsical to him. He LOVES it! Window doodle drawings..quick fashion..on mommy’s car. They are usually on his door. I would guess 99% of the time. Yes!

Yesterday I arrived at work and it was one of those mornings I got there RIGHT at 8 am. I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and didn’t have anything I could eat from the fridge. Side note -eating well in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Right where I parked the sun happened to be shining so brightly through MY window. I glanced and saw that he had carried his drawing to mommy’s side of the car. I smiled so big! It wasn’t that I felt it was a Van Gogh piece of work. Not by a long shot. But allowing myself a few minutes to reflect before going into the office, I saw a moment of him enjoying something he likes to do (without him being physically present).

These are the moments that make us smile. Had I parked somewhere else, the sun wouldn’t have shown through my window as well, or I would have been in a rush and missed it. As always thanking God for the little things along this walk.


I love when food is ‘pretty’!!

I’ve cut out out grains, wheat, processed food for close to a year now. Prior to that, had switched to whole grains and nothing refined. Exceptions were eating at family gatherings, which at times is still difficult. And cutting sugar and caffeine. It has made a world of difference in how I feel. I don’t have bowel issues from eating loads of wheat products…and believe me when I do load up – trouble comes later.

One common misconception of eating healthy is that it involves too much prep time. Another side thought is that we need to grasp the idea of we should be eating for health, not just for enjoyment.  For this it means embracing eating vegetables – no matter what time of the day it is.  We need a certain amount of vegetables in a day anyway, who’s the nutritional god saying it can’t be before 12 p.m.? That’s the feeling I’ve gotten from some conversations before.

Speaking of prep time, for working people – might I add – working mothers, I feel we have an extra helping of work on our side in the mornings!! If your spouse is able to assist you in mornings, I deeply applaud you and commend him for his support of you!! It truly is a blessing.  If you don’t have that however, baby you need to plan!! As if getting the children and yourself aren’t hectic enough, we need to take care of our nutritional needs without it being total junk from day to day. Skipping breakfast is never a solution to losing weight OR being healthy.

Back to time…this particular morning last week took less than 10 minutes!!! ~~~~I REPEAT 10 MINUTES~~~ HELLO LADIES!!! I’ve sat in line at McD’s longer than that before only to order something I didn’t want before!! Yes for real!  And later felt like the crud and walking zombie because of this yuck food I let myself eat, and the once beloved sweet tea (that I no longer drink – and I sleep better because of it). It’s just better all around to stay away!  Crave.Real.Food.

10 minutes of time = cut up a chunk of sausage into thin slices, a chunk of purple cabbage, few handfuls of spinach, and a tbs or two of coconut oil (or olive oil, grapeseed oil, whatever works for YOU). The sausage was gluten free/no by products/no artificial flavors (and cheap).  WIN WIN! Cook in non-stick pan, or your pan of choice. Add a few sprinkles of garlic salt (which makes everything taste better I think!!! hahaha). When finished, empty contents into a small mason jar. If you must, use a container of your choice! I just had a MJ readily available that morning!!  🙂 Okay I ALWAYS have MJs available I believe! I’m a homemaker at heart, no matter how many hours I’m stuck in an office. I do this often with different meat and vegetables, or eggs/mushrooms/vegetables (if they weren’t previously made into egg muffins already).  What ever I feel like ‘whipping’ up at the last minute, gets shoved into a mason jar or tupperware and brought to work for  breakfast.

Mason Jar Morning

Now to work on lunches, many days I bring leftovers. Lately I have brought them but being in the middle of moving and not being able to cook my regular foods all the time I’m a little off balance right now.  My sister in law has made some jam up vegetable soup that I dig every time she makes it!  😉

My advice in closing, is never say you don’t have time to eat healthy.  It IS possible. There IS a way.

Child initiation that is. You know the kind where we don’t have to utter one word EVER except the first explanation of a chore? As as the opportunity arises later, he rises to the task at hand – it completely FLOORED me!! I was beaming I think as much as he was excited. Little brother followed right behind.

One day last week, we got home around 7:30-7:45 p.m. My oldest boy (6 yr old) got out of the car and squealed with excitement because there were pinecones all over the ground. Why the importance? A few weeks prior, we had moved and I explained to him one of his jobs would be to pick up pinecones.  I didn’t think there would be much, but it would simply involve him having a small bucket and maybe less than 10 minutes of his time. Even less if his 2 yr old brother insisted on helping. In all our business I’d forgotten that particular evening that I told him about that chore!!

While it surprised me, I later remembered my words to him. I was very pleased with his eagerness to serve.  He was ecstatic!!!!!  He has his lazy moments (as do all children), but it blesses me when he initiates doing his chores.  It shows he is learning responsibility and becoming more mature.  Thank God for every milestone reached, sigh of relief, glimpse of joy, and every smile planted.

God Heals!

Last night my little guy had bit of a tummy ache. Also said one of his ears hurt and his tongue was sore from where he kept feeling the spot his tooth had recently been pulled. I told him to quit touching that spot and of course it would feel better. “But it’s hard!!”

As he sat in my lap he’d been upset that night about missing his dad. He wants us to live together as a family, so he can be around him all the time. As I have always told him we had a grown up problem that can not allow us (mommy and daddy) to live together or be married anymore. Likewise, God has charged mommy and daddy with protecting him and at this time in his life he is too young to know and comprehend such a big burden.  One thing that is always the same – daddy loves him very much and mommy loves him very much.

While he understood, and while I know these moments will arise from time to time, it was incredibly difficult to see him in pain. He lay there in my arms sniffling, crying, and hurting.  It’s so much easier as a parent to fix boo boos that require a bandaid, a kiss on the arm or other body part, an ice pack, lots of holding and loves, or even the boo boos that require medicine. So much easier. But these emotional wounds I truly find myself grasping at straws and praying for the Lord’s help to help him.

He said his tummy hurt, along with ear and tongue (what a combo!!) Hahaha!! I put my hand over his stomach and began for God to heal his “tummy”, his ear, his heart – because he was sad, prayed for peace in his heart, and a few other things. He didn’t actually tell me about the tongue until I put him in bed and I’d already prayed by then.

This morning as I was becoming more awake, he came running into the kitchen and said “Mommy!!! God healed my ear, he healed my stomach and he healed my tongue!!!” I said, “He did???” “Yes He did!!!”

If you have faith as little as a mustard seed..maybe we all can learn from this. A friend and I were discussing faith this week. Mine is often weak because faith isn’t tangible and something we can reach out and grasp.  I definitely feel as though I have much room for growth. I’m a happy mama this morning…and thankful for encouraging friends.