We often hear the phrases “stop and smell the roses”, “dance in the rain”, and “dance as though no one were watching”. I agree, and have many others I like as well. My oldest little guy likes to draw on the windows before we load everyone in the car in the morning.

More often than not it seems I’m asking him to hurry and finish his “work” so we can leave! In his world, he is “stopping to smell the roses”. A brief little pause to pursue something utterly whimsical to him. He LOVES it! Window doodle drawings..quick fashion..on mommy’s car. They are usually on his door. I would guess 99% of the time. Yes!

Yesterday I arrived at work and it was one of those mornings I got there RIGHT at 8 am. I hadn’t eaten breakfast, and didn’t have anything I could eat from the fridge. Side note -eating well in the morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. Right where I parked the sun happened to be shining so brightly through MY window. I glanced and saw that he had carried his drawing to mommy’s side of the car. I smiled so big! It wasn’t that I felt it was a Van Gogh piece of work. Not by a long shot. But allowing myself a few minutes to reflect before going into the office, I saw a moment of him enjoying something he likes to do (without him being physically present).

These are the moments that make us smile. Had I parked somewhere else, the sun wouldn’t have shown through my window as well, or I would have been in a rush and missed it. As always thanking God for the little things along this walk.