..God..notices us. The things we do, activities in our lives, teaching of our children, interaction with our spouses (well for those who are married), interactions with our family members.  From the family aspect I know personally between joys and struggles there are days I wonder which one is going to win! Seriously, it is not the easiest job in the world to being a parent.  Especially when the trials seem to run effortlessly like rivers connecting to oceans.  One main question we often have is “Where is God in this?”  I ask that more often than not.  I don’t always get a response immediately. However God has his way of letting us know we are doing well, and He is watching over us.

A few months ago in January (2013) I had one of those ‘ah ha’ moments.

I was praying before the boys went to bed. I asked L (6) was there anything he wanted me to pray about for him. He answered with “my arm”. So I prayed for his arm. Healing, little scarring, put the meds on it and ended it. O (3 yo) said he knew something I could pray about for him. “What is that baby?” Him: “Mommy you can pray for my attitude”. I proceeded to pray about that. I feel blessed. Earlier in the day he’d gotten into trouble a few times for being a bit ugly but later told me “mommy I don’t have my attitude anymore”. I told him that was good and I was glad he was able to work through that. It may seem trivial now but if we are consistant and faithful we WILL see benefits. Nothing is ever too trivial to God, too small, or of non-importance.

I can’t say whether or not he’ll continue noticing his attitude or not, at 3 he is distracted easily and has much to learn as he grows.  However I gladly received that day as a gift from God.  It was as though he was letting me know ”Yes you are doing the right things.”  Thank you Lord. 🙂