Day 2 After Henna..fluorescent lights above

In all my short ‘lil life I’ve never had long hair. 😦 booo. I wanted it..yes I did. Thanks to fine little ringlet curls it just wasn’t going there. Gets close to my shoulders and then gets too fine and stringy. Zoom forward to life as a single mom with 2 kids, some of the stress from a un-fabulous marriage started unloading, my hormones started regulating (which for you simple folk my hair started growing), my monthly cycle returned (gee that i’m not trying to get pregnant I get a period every month lol…maybe God will bless me with a sweet blessing later??? Who knows.) Ok back to story. Things started changing. I don’t know why, I can’t explain but my hair started falling out pretty much all the time. My moment in glory wasn’t so glorious any more. God can I have long hair for once? Please? I don’t think God cares about hair in the grand scheme of things…just sayin. Got the snip snip and chopped it off to maybe shoulder length but later it still kept coming out. Didn’t work too hair had gotten so thin you could see a fine layer of hair on top and all these nice healthy ringlet curls underneath in the back of my head. I seriously was miserable. I am not vain but some sort of consistency would be nice. Got it cut even shorter. Okay whatever I gave up. Nature have your short hair. Bleh! I didn’t care the gazillion comments of “oh it looks good on you”. A person has to be happy with theirself and has the right to be.

After that, in efforts to try and preserve what life my hair did have I ditched as much commercial products as possible. I quit using commercial hair dyes as they burn your hair. I still used shampoo and conditioner, but I sought ones with sulfate, phosphate, paraben free versions if I could find them. Less is best. Just because they don’t suds up doesn’t mean they aren’t cleaning.  Who says the suds are Gods? I use homemade laundry detergent with all natural soap from a local farmer…it doesn’t suds either but our clothes are clean. Suds = chemicals. While for some people it may be okay others it’s not as friendly.  We also use the Natural Soap to bathe with for our bumpy arms/legs (keratosis pilaris) and then condition with coconut oil and it really helps.  Chemicals dry out the skin.  I once tried the no poo method for washing hair (no shampoo but using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to condition and coconut oil to deep condition occasionally). I failed. But at the time I didn’t experiment with what worked best for me. I continued with my sulfate free/chemically friendly do up. 😉 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago I have been back on the no poo bandwagon and I’ve realized the key for my no poo success is to wash a little more often. My downfall earlier is I didn’t wash but a few times per week and my hair was nasty afterwards. I also get hot and sometimes sweaty at the base of my neck so it was yucky to have that bed head in the mornings. I now just wash a little more often if I need to and still use a small amount of serum to control the frizzies if I go curly…but haven’t used hair gel in a few weeks. I occasionally use hair spray as well. I’ve seen some making it homemade but I haven’t ventured there yet.

Now to the MEAT of the post…HENNA. I’m soooooo grey and white headed it’s for real … UNREAL..!!  I’ve heard of a few friends doing it and I’d wanted to try it for months but just scared to. I’d check amazon then chicken out. Check a few months later, and chicken out again. Baby I want to look like I’m in my 30s as long as possible!! They say embrace your youth right? 😉 I finally bought some. My friend warned in a group that it was messy. She wasn’t joking.  It looked nasty, did smell earthy (reminded me of spinach but maybe that’s my weird imagination lol). But for the cost (same as commercial dyes – Loreal, Clairol, etc), I can NOT complain!!!   The time and effort was more involved than using commercial dyes as well but totally worth it. I hands down recommend reading reading reading before doing so!!!

Before and after!!!

Before Henna Medium Brown (Light Mountain Natural Hair Dye)












Dye waiting












After...hey little curl 😉










After - Looks darker from far off