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Happy Happy Henna Baby

Day 2 After Henna..fluorescent lights above

In all my short ‘lil life I’ve never had long hair. 😦 booo. I wanted it..yes I did. Thanks to fine little ringlet curls it just wasn’t going there. Gets close to my shoulders and then gets too fine and stringy. Zoom forward to life as a single mom with 2 kids, some of the stress from a un-fabulous marriage started unloading, my hormones started regulating (which for you simple folk my hair started growing), my monthly cycle returned (gee that i’m not trying to get pregnant I get a period every month lol…maybe God will bless me with a sweet blessing later??? Who knows.) Ok back to story. Things started changing. I don’t know why, I can’t explain but my hair started falling out pretty much all the time. My moment in glory wasn’t so glorious any more. God can I have long hair for once? Please? I don’t think God cares about hair in the grand scheme of things…just sayin. Got the snip snip and chopped it off to maybe shoulder length but later it still kept coming out. Didn’t work too hair had gotten so thin you could see a fine layer of hair on top and all these nice healthy ringlet curls underneath in the back of my head. I seriously was miserable. I am not vain but some sort of consistency would be nice. Got it cut even shorter. Okay whatever I gave up. Nature have your short hair. Bleh! I didn’t care the gazillion comments of “oh it looks good on you”. A person has to be happy with theirself and has the right to be.

After that, in efforts to try and preserve what life my hair did have I ditched as much commercial products as possible. I quit using commercial hair dyes as they burn your hair. I still used shampoo and conditioner, but I sought ones with sulfate, phosphate, paraben free versions if I could find them. Less is best. Just because they don’t suds up doesn’t mean they aren’t cleaning.  Who says the suds are Gods? I use homemade laundry detergent with all natural soap from a local farmer…it doesn’t suds either but our clothes are clean. Suds = chemicals. While for some people it may be okay others it’s not as friendly.  We also use the Natural Soap to bathe with for our bumpy arms/legs (keratosis pilaris) and then condition with coconut oil and it really helps.  Chemicals dry out the skin.  I once tried the no poo method for washing hair (no shampoo but using baking soda and apple cider vinegar to condition and coconut oil to deep condition occasionally). I failed. But at the time I didn’t experiment with what worked best for me. I continued with my sulfate free/chemically friendly do up. 😉 

Fast forward to a few weeks ago I have been back on the no poo bandwagon and I’ve realized the key for my no poo success is to wash a little more often. My downfall earlier is I didn’t wash but a few times per week and my hair was nasty afterwards. I also get hot and sometimes sweaty at the base of my neck so it was yucky to have that bed head in the mornings. I now just wash a little more often if I need to and still use a small amount of serum to control the frizzies if I go curly…but haven’t used hair gel in a few weeks. I occasionally use hair spray as well. I’ve seen some making it homemade but I haven’t ventured there yet.

Now to the MEAT of the post…HENNA. I’m soooooo grey and white headed it’s for real … UNREAL..!!  I’ve heard of a few friends doing it and I’d wanted to try it for months but just scared to. I’d check amazon then chicken out. Check a few months later, and chicken out again. Baby I want to look like I’m in my 30s as long as possible!! They say embrace your youth right? 😉 I finally bought some. My friend warned in a group that it was messy. She wasn’t joking.  It looked nasty, did smell earthy (reminded me of spinach but maybe that’s my weird imagination lol). But for the cost (same as commercial dyes – Loreal, Clairol, etc), I can NOT complain!!!   The time and effort was more involved than using commercial dyes as well but totally worth it. I hands down recommend reading reading reading before doing so!!!

Before and after!!!

Before Henna Medium Brown (Light Mountain Natural Hair Dye)












Dye waiting












After...hey little curl 😉










After - Looks darker from far off


Front Seat Confessions

Okay so I was planning on confession in my front seat as soon as I pulled in the driveway – but as usual was distracted by the lulls and requests of the boys. CN1 (my child number 1) YES you may go to the neighbor’s house ——after a huge long argument that today is September 30 and not October 1 and he was in tears trying to let me know he was right…I insisted that case be closed and no further discussion on the subject. “Yay” I can breathe. He went to play and CN2 (my child number 2) and I ate sausage inside the house. Within a few more SHORT minutes I was greeted by 3 boys instead of 1 – fun! Super mario galaxy game challenge – sweet blessings are having fun though and CN2 of mine is such a little shadow!

Okay really – confession – was supposed to be about facebook. If any of you eager people are wanting to know – the majority of my status updates revolve around something kid, kitchen, or craft related (mostly) it’s because my single mom kind of life pretty much revolves around them right now. If I bore you – I’m not sorry *wink* my kids and home are my ministry right now until something else comes into the picture. I’ve met a great guy – responsible, a leader, Godly, but human like the rest of us (did I just say that?? Yes I did!). So he makes mistakes too just like you who are reading this and me writing. We’ve met up several times and talk multiple times per day – but are in no rush for “anything” to happen right now. We are grounded enough to not pound the doors down every day needing to see each other – of course it would be nice but logistically not happening! We have a good 3 hours between us – in a lot of ways I do like it because its giving us a lot of time to have many conversations. When the time is right and if it’s God’s will HE will work things out to where we can be closer. Until then we are enjoying things as they are. He is such a blessing – whether or not it ever goes any further – God knows but he’s an awesome friend!

Oh another confession since I’m on the facebook topic – I like everything on my profile private as possible as it keeps the creepers at bay. I had several unsolicited relationship offers from complete strangers — no thanks dudes! As far as my own personal life – I don’t post my relationship status for the same reason – if I change it to single people are bound to find me! Those who know me, few close friends and close family, know about my relationships, the few quacks I’ve encountered, and the current relationship. Anything you feel the need or want to know feel free to ask me – because I won’t be posting it on Facebook for some time – if ever! I don’t mind sharing about it at all – if I don’t its usually because I’m busy with the kids or work.

Peace and blessings,

Did I mention these boys are having a blast?? I’m enjoying listening to their laughs and fun sounds!

I’ll eventually get to where I started out with this exploding little paradise but for now here are a few snaps of what’s currently going on!  A favorite of mine is working the land…not so great at doing it now as I don’t have land to work. BUT don’t feel left out…if you too are confined to small living quarters and don’t have room (or permission) to go dig up your back yard, then I give you FULL permission to get a bucket, planter, bin, or whatever it takes!  Drill (or cut lol) holes in the bottom, fill it with soil and fertilizer, seed, and let mother nature do the rest.  I’m big girl enough to know it won’t completely stock my freezer for the summer (well with the tomatoes there’s potential), but I’ll have MANY nights of fresh salad fixings, and other veggies. 

I started out with the little jiffy seed starting kits and despite the green thumb I proclaim to have, it was an absolute flop…TWICE.  Never mind all of that: I then resorted to getting actual plants.  One day while cruising walmart garden center, they had loads of single tomato plants for $0.25 each!!!  Snagged up 8 of those babies!  

This was when I first started,  not everything is pictured here – there are cucumber plants against the brick wall and I later added squash & zucchini.  Right here are tomato, bell pepper, sweet banana pepper, and cherry tomato plants.  I also have herbs (flat italian parsley, greek oregano, cilantro, and basil) that are in ‘another corner’.

Fast forward to this week:


More tomatoes and sweet banana peppers



cucumbers and pumpkin
  Squash & Zucchini

More Herbs

Cherry Tomatoes






A Wow of a Weekend!

Not many opportunities come to where I can take full advantage of staying completely home all weekend long. I always try and make it to church, but with two littles at the beginning of colds and one needing breathing treatments I really didn’t want to chance anything with spreading our ickies to any other little kids in the church nursery. Work is demanding, kids are demanding, getting in the car numerous times a day is plain exhausting some times and once in a GREAT while I’d love to grace the blessing of not having to leave the house…PERIOD!!!

In light of that, and trying to commit to provide for my home I planned to do just that. In addition I wanted to bake up lots of goodies, take care of some preserving projects, tend to the little garden and all the while taking time to veg out with tv and the littles.   First on the list: WAFFLES!!! (can’t help but think of Shrek and the Donkey, I’m gonna make some WAFFLES hahahaha!)

After cooking enough for the little people to devour, I made an extra 11 waffles, then divided them into 4 sections (great for little hands). After a flash freeze (I LOVE that word!!! It basically means to freeze in the open – with all the waffles laying flat, for maybe an hour or so, then bag them or use your storage method of choice. Flash freezing them prevents them from getting flat or oddly shaped had you put them in there fresh.) waaaa la!!! NOW have have a super quick convenvience item for morning time that DIDN’T come out of a storebought box! Aren’t you proud? 🙂

Next on the to do list included homemade fruit gummies. My boys LOVE these treats, and what better way than to make them at home – people think homemade and often lean towards time intensive methods and rigorous moves that they may not be up for. That’s simply NOT the case with all homemade items. Be brave and take a chance – and how cool that you can involve your kids in the process and make it a learning op for them – not to mention FUN! Mixing a few packs of unflavored gelatin, some fruit juice – heating it and pouring into a mold – how easy is that? I just might add you can’t always find TOY STORY gummies in the grocery store.  So I guess we’re kind of special huh?  JUST kidding!!!


 Next, I have accumulated nearly dozens of instant oatmeal packets, plain flavored but my memory does not serve me best in getting these served to the boys!  I then turn to a batch cooking type thing and think more along the lines of ”how can I get rid of a good bit of this but still make it beneficial for my family – and consume it?” 
Oatmeal cookies

And can’t forget the trusty Rice Krispy Treats!! This batch was made with peanut butter. 

I then rested with my babes for a bit and let everything camp out in the kitchen for a while.  My mom gave me a bag of red potatoes from their garden, along with bell peppers and jalapenos (thanks mom!), and a few squash and eggplant.  We tore up the eggplant already and some of the squash so I only had a small amount to take to the freezer.  I LOVE to do things in the kitchen. Create, preserve, dehydrate, puree, bake, you name it and I’ll give it a try!  One activity I enjoy is dehydrating items.  I cut up the bell peppers, which can be used as pepper flakes if you process them after drying, or you can leave them cut and dried and just use in dishes as you need them.  How sweet is that?  No buying, straight from the ground and into your home!  God is SO good with the earth and resources he gave us. I dried the jalapenos whole, and I sliced potatoes to be used as scalloped potatoes or just an addition to a soup base for later.  I did try powdering a bit of the dried potatoes and will soon experiment to see how it works with making a mock instant potatoes.  I have NO idea but I’m not afraid of it becoming a flop either…and if it works..what a glorious day!  The last fun creation was applesauce fruit leather.  It’s SO easy and quick just to pour the applesauce on the tray and let it dry.  Even better if you make your applesauce but my boy and I did cheat and use the jarred!

(Prepping before Dehydration)

This is too cool:  I put them in the food processor after they were fully dehydrated.  Will see soon how they work after cooking them. 

Next is a photo of the dried bell peppers, the fruit leather, and surprise – homemade bread.  I worked on the bread the next morning.  Things smelled SO good at my house.  Yes you have full permission to be jealous!  I suggest everyone having a breadmaker…It’s so easy, quick and healthy to make your own bread.  Really, just dump flour , water, yeast, salt, sugar and whatever else the recipe you are using calls for.  Turn the machine on and let it work its magic!!!  I’m not kidding!  Let it do the work while YOU go enjoy yourself.  I’ve used several different recipes before and loved them all!

 I blanched two quarts of potatoes, two and a half quarts of green beans with little potatoes in them, and two quarts of mixed squash and zucchini. Did I mention I got LOTS of rest and snuggles with my little superheros? Despite being under the weather we still make time for good sugars!!  Much of this molly homemaker activity is a do and go rest, do and go do something else – I’m not really BOUND to the kitchen (except if I were canning or something on the stove).  I tended to the little basil plants.  They were getting too big for their containers so I spread them out into five containers now. Speaking of containers…I LOVE container gardening. But more on that in a separate post!

 Thanks for walking to my corner and seeing a little of what I enjoy doing outside of my day job.