Last night my little guy had bit of a tummy ache. Also said one of his ears hurt and his tongue was sore from where he kept feeling the spot his tooth had recently been pulled. I told him to quit touching that spot and of course it would feel better. “But it’s hard!!”

As he sat in my lap he’d been upset that night about missing his dad. He wants us to live together as a family, so he can be around him all the time. As I have always told him we had a grown up problem that can not allow us (mommy and daddy) to live together or be married anymore. Likewise, God has charged mommy and daddy with protecting him and at this time in his life he is too young to know and comprehend such a big burden.  One thing that is always the same – daddy loves him very much and mommy loves him very much.

While he understood, and while I know these moments will arise from time to time, it was incredibly difficult to see him in pain. He lay there in my arms sniffling, crying, and hurting.  It’s so much easier as a parent to fix boo boos that require a bandaid, a kiss on the arm or other body part, an ice pack, lots of holding and loves, or even the boo boos that require medicine. So much easier. But these emotional wounds I truly find myself grasping at straws and praying for the Lord’s help to help him.

He said his tummy hurt, along with ear and tongue (what a combo!!) Hahaha!! I put my hand over his stomach and began for God to heal his “tummy”, his ear, his heart – because he was sad, prayed for peace in his heart, and a few other things. He didn’t actually tell me about the tongue until I put him in bed and I’d already prayed by then.

This morning as I was becoming more awake, he came running into the kitchen and said “Mommy!!! God healed my ear, he healed my stomach and he healed my tongue!!!” I said, “He did???” “Yes He did!!!”

If you have faith as little as a mustard seed..maybe we all can learn from this. A friend and I were discussing faith this week. Mine is often weak because faith isn’t tangible and something we can reach out and grasp.  I definitely feel as though I have much room for growth. I’m a happy mama this morning…and thankful for encouraging friends.