Child initiation that is. You know the kind where we don’t have to utter one word EVER except the first explanation of a chore? As as the opportunity arises later, he rises to the task at hand – it completely FLOORED me!! I was beaming I think as much as he was excited. Little brother followed right behind.

One day last week, we got home around 7:30-7:45 p.m. My oldest boy (6 yr old) got out of the car and squealed with excitement because there were pinecones all over the ground. Why the importance? A few weeks prior, we had moved and I explained to him one of his jobs would be to pick up pinecones.  I didn’t think there would be much, but it would simply involve him having a small bucket and maybe less than 10 minutes of his time. Even less if his 2 yr old brother insisted on helping. In all our business I’d forgotten that particular evening that I told him about that chore!!

While it surprised me, I later remembered my words to him. I was very pleased with his eagerness to serve.  He was ecstatic!!!!!  He has his lazy moments (as do all children), but it blesses me when he initiates doing his chores.  It shows he is learning responsibility and becoming more mature.  Thank God for every milestone reached, sigh of relief, glimpse of joy, and every smile planted.